We are meant to move boldly, with grace and freedom, through the natural world. Our biological make up yearns for more than treadmill television, padded surfaces, and artificial light.

Break out of your box; return to the source of your humanity.

We evolved to move, to move in nature, to move with a tribe, and to develop ourselves through play.

Reclaim your ability to move and live like a human.

  • Become strong, agile, coordinated, fast, adaptable, and resilient through the practice of natural movement.

  • Recover your childhood love for tree climbing.

  • Overcome your fear of falling by learning breakfalls, ukemi, and ground flow.

  • Learn to flow; running, jumping, sliding, and climbing over tree branches, boulders, driftwood, beaches, and sand slopes.

  • Develop lasing connections by moving and interacting with other people.

  • Actively develop communication, connection, flow, combative, and acrobatic skills through the power of play and roughhousing, cooperative partner drills, and group games.

  • Enjoy small classes to give each student individualized instruction allowing for the best progress in movement.

Evolve Move Play Natural Movement Classes are held every Saturday in beautiful Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA (We are moving our training location to Discovery Park for the time being).

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