4 ways you can start natural movement today

The ideal practice of natural movement involves deep exploration of diverse nature. It times spent in beautiful sprawling trees, on boulders, beaches, swimming holes and waterfalls.  All done with a close knit tribe.

The truth is that it can be hard to arrange this on a regular basis. We want you to start going out and finding the beautiful nature that is just outside your door; we want you to make a habit of coordinating with other people in your training so you are stacking the benefits of socialization with the benefits of movement and the benefits of nature. We understand though that this is not always easy, and sometimes training at the gym or at home are important starting points.

So how can you incorporate the Evolve Move Play approach in the gym or at home? Here are four key ways to incorporate our paradigm:

1. Play with ground flow patterns

Flat ground is the first obstacle and developing comfort with different ways to move across flat ground will go a long way towards adding more movement, more flow, and more diversity into your gym routine.

Here are two ground flow sequences we have used extensively with our students.

2. Hang Swing and Climb

Pull up racks don’t have to just be for pull ups. You can practice swing variations, hanging drills, and climbing using your feet on the supports. Exploring these movements will improve your shoulder mobility and integrity, your grip strength, and your overall coordination.

3. Practice your breakfalls

This is an example where learning on flat ground first is actually great. Practicing your basic breakfall patterns regularly will add hugely to your safety and confidence executing higher level movement skills.

Here are our intro to breakfalls video.

And start practicing your basic parkour roll there are many tutorials on youtube our favorites are origins parkour and apex movements tutorials.

Apex Beginner roll tutorials
Origins Method Parkour Roll

4. Develop your precision jumping skills

Weight plates in the gym can be used as a target for standing and running jumps, or you can easily build a precision trainer out of two-by-fours and set it up in your backyard.

Here is quick tutorial on the precision jump

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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