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EMP Podcast 42
A Primer on Coronavirus for the Movement Community: EMP Podcast 42
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A Primer on Coronavirus for the Movement Community: EMP Podcast 42


Today’s episode of the Evolve Move Play Podcast is a short but serious talk about the current coronavirus epidemic that’s spreading across the globe.

As movement professionals, the threat of a pandemic like this one can understandably be hard to come to terms with. We make our living bringing people together to work towards a healthier and happier community. It’s how we feed our families.

So when something like this happens, it can be easy to want to dismiss or ignore what’s happening because the implications it may have on our livelihoods is serious. For those of us who work in gyms and studios, who train and teach martial arts, dance, parkour, weight lifting and so on, a virus that spreads so easily from person to person through contact and close proximity puts our passions and our professions at risk.

But the risk of burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the threat could be much, much higher. If we don’t act to slow the spread of contagion there is a very high likelihood that before long the number of those infected with the virus will overload the healthcare system, causing extreme complications for not just other infected patients, but anyone at all who requires medical care.

We recently published an article outlining the virus, the risk, and what preventative strategies we need to be implementing as members of the movement community to help slow the spread of the virus. You can read that by clicking the link below.

[Blog: A Primer on Coronavirus for the Movement Community]

The fact is that there is a lot that’s unknown about the situation right now. Maybe we will get lucky and things will blow over without any real damage. Maybe it’s far worse than we can comprehend and things are going to go downhill very quickly. Either way, arming yourself with knowledge and taking the extra effort to improve the health and safety standards that you live and operate your business with can make a difference.

Even if you yourself are not at a high risk of serious complications from the virus, you are actively playing a role in how this affects your community both locally and globally. If there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear in the face of an infectious disease, it’s that we are all in this together. So whether you’re worried or not, at high risk or low risk, please think about how your actions can have a far reaching effect, both positively and negatively.

So watch this episode, read the article, check out the resource links below, and please understand that you are an important part of what’s going on. Hopefully this all passes and things improve; then those of us who acted with caution and care can breathe a sigh of relief. But if things go as bad as the numbers project they might, those of us who disregarded the threat may come to truly regret it.

Thanks for watching, we want to hear your thoughts so leave us a comment and don’t forget to like and share this episode. We want to get this information out to as many people as possible, so if you can play a role in that we would greatly appreciate it.



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