A Road Map to Self Transformation with Mark Walsh: EMP Podcast 26

In this complex and chaotic world, there are an endless array of hobbies, past times, disciplines and studies that can be woven into the tapestry of our lives and choosing the ones that are capable of enriching our existence in the most broadly applicable ways can be an incredibly daunting task. The fact of the matter is that whatever we choose to do carries with it the weight of our time and commitment. Because we devote considerable portions of our lives to these practices it’s worth considering how they develop our character – which requires that we honestly consider how we want or need our character to be developed.

Mark Walsh is an embodiment teacher who has made the structure of self transcendence a core focus of his work and he’s joining us today to provide some deep insight into how we can live more embodied lives and truly get the most out of the practices we pursue. In this episode we will detail the paths and pitfalls of both generalist and specialist training, how to determine the efficiency or redundancy of our efforts, how to analyze our strengths and weaknesses and fall in love with the process of self cultivation.

Each person has their own story, rich with passions, fears, wins, losses, loves and lamentations. There will never be a one size fits all algorithm to becoming the best and truest versions of ourselves, but there are guidelines that one can apply to better direct themselves toward an ecology of practices that best fits their incredible journey. When we live and move with the passion that comes from intentionally creating a better story for ourselves, our families and our communities, we plant seeds that sprout a deeper sense of meaning and connection, and that will bear the fruit of a life well lived.

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