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A Taste for the Struggle with Ševo Saša: Evolve Move Play Podcast 21
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A Taste for the Struggle with Ševo Saša: Evolve Move Play Podcast 21

What makes a practice sustainable?
What is it that enables someone to devote years of effort and intention to a study?
What keeps the fires of motivation stoked and fueled throughout the trials and tribulations of our lives?

Finding the answers to these questions is an important and very personal process that can only be walked by the individual who searches; however there is something to be said about the capacity for evolution that is held within the practice itself and the person who studies it.

Humans are wildly curious, adaptable, and innovative with a boundless capacity for growth. When we can get past our fixations on comfort, aesthetics, or competitive superiority we can set our aim towards a process of continual learning. We abandon many of the fears associated with failure and begin to seek the limits of our capabilities so that we may expand them. This state of being requires a practice that reflects our own complexities and layers of potential depth; one that will grow with us and offer new and profound lessons no matter how far we progress.

Ševo Saša is a firm example of someone who has grown and evolved along with their movement practice. In this week’s episode of the Evolve Move Play Podcast we dive into his story and hear how his passion for movement and self cultivation lead him from a humble childhood in a war torn nation to becoming an entrepreneur and highly respected coach in the international parkour community.

While you watch, see if you recognize correlations between his enthusiasm, his devotion, and your own. Ask yourself if you are oriented towards the most meaningful goals and if your practice can offer you a limitless path towards attaining them.

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Thanks everyone, and happy moving!

-The EMP Team

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