What are the basics of movement?

How do I get started how do we go about building a practice of movement that will bring us all the benefits that natural movement can provide?

First we need to define the fundamentals of movement basics nutrients we need to have in our movement life to thrive and develop properly.

The basics of human movement are not squating, lunging, pressing, and pulling, nor is itstrength, speed, endurance, mobility agility and co-ordination.

These useful paradigms to understand pieces of movement but they don’t show us the full thing.

Just as whole foods diet can never be perfectly broken down into the perfect balance of protien, carbs, fats, vitamin a-b-c-d etc, in the same way a humans movement diet need to be understood from understanding humans as holistics animal not from trying to reengineer fitness.

When we climb a tree or roughhouse we will squat, lunge, press and pull without even having to understand those concepts. Tree Climbing and Roughhousing are human movement fundamentals. The squat the lunge the press the pull those are the subcomponents the pieces we only need to understand only when they are under developed.

What is the purpose?

Ok so humans evolved to do specific movements, who cares if we don’t need to do them today. Why do we train these things if we don’t need to chase down mammoths and fight off invading tribes?

At Evolve Move Play we believe the highest purpose of movement practice is create deeper aliveness, deeper embodiment and deeper engagement with the world.

We believe that movement in nature where we evolved, engages us and develops us on far more levels then movement in the gym, we believe that in fact natural movement is a physical form of nutrition that when missing from a person’s life leads to Ill health the same way that not eating a whole food diet is bad for your health.

We believe that the fundamental natural movements are whole foods for physical development and exercises are supplements.

When we have to live a unnatural life, then we do need exercises to help us compensate for what is missing but we have made the mistake of focusing too much the supplements in our research and practice of physical education.

Our approach to physical education has tended to look at the human in a reductionist way, a set of parts to be improved, but the potential of movement training goes far deeper than better abs or a tighter butt. We are not a body and mind we are a body-mind and every aspect of us cognitive, emotional and physical is affected by how we move.

The way we move and the environments we move through, impact our moods, our alertness, awareness and focus, they can make us strong and robust not just for lifting weight but for dealing with cold and heat, for deal with abrasions and bruise, even the way our mind handles pain both emotional and physical is deeply affected by our movement practice.

We believe to develop the strongest, most adaptable most resilient and happiest human beings you need to give them movement and it needs to be rooted in the movements we evolved for.. Move Like a Human to live and feel alive as human truly should.

Why would I pay to learn tree climbing and roughhousing?

Let me ask you why would you pay to learn how to bench press, to sprint or kick box. You can push things in straight line without coaching right, you can run in straight line, I am sure you have hit or kicked at things before? You do these things because you recognize that they benefit you, that their many layers of complexity underneath the surface and that experts can help you gain those progess safely and effectively.

We are the experts on tree climbing and roughhousing with years of teaching behind us and these are just part of an overall paradigm on movement that has life changing effects on the participants.

We focus on these areas of movement precisely because they are undervalued, people do not understand how powerfully developmental they are. By practicing the movements we evolved for we create the broadest beneficial adaptation. When we climb trees we push and pull with the upper body, we squat, hinge, and lunge with the legs, we experience any number of movement positions which nourish our bodies. When you climb trees you’re developing a fully body integrated strength,mobility and elasticity that nothing else can compare with. This is precisely because you evolved to climb trees for millions of years. Tree climbing is to isolated exercises like the bench press or muscle up, as a nourishing whole food meal is to protein powders and greens plus it’s nourishing on far broader level.

Likewise with roughhousing, this is universal form of play but something our culture that has its roots in the rise of non lethal dominance battles 160 million years. Since then roughhousing has become a primary means for the development of fully kinaesthetic awareness of the body, a means to practice the necessary combative skills of your species, and means to develop the ability to regulate aggression, develop empathy and optimize communication.

Learning how to most effectively approach these types of training is the most beneficial possible place to start in developing your physical practice.

Why pay to learn from Evolve Move Play, because nobody else can you learn to move the way you evolved to and help you cultivate the most heroic version of yourself like we can.

What is Evolve Move Play?

Evolve Move Play is distinctive, because of our emphasis on understanding play as evolved guide to the types of movement a human needs, the best intrinsic motivator for a movement practice and the best way to optimize learning in movement.

At Evolve Move Play we believe, humans evolved to move, to move through the natural world, to move with a tribe with common purpose and to develop movement primarily through play. We believe that the types of movement we find as part of the play of cultures worldwide are the best guide to what a human needs in movement.

Every species has a specific way of playing based on its niche, on what it evolved to be. Cats like to play games of stalking and pouncing because that how cats catch their prey, Dogs like to play games of chase, to wrestle and tear things with their teath because this is how the dog family evolved to catch its prey.

Humans likewise have a species specific play profile, as children we all love to chase and wrestle because we are predatory animals too, we love to climb tree’s because we are primates inheritors of 60 million years of arboreal evolution, we love to throw and swing around sticks and stone these are the tools that made us successful predators, we love to build and manipulate objects, we love to jump and dance. This are the basics of the human movement niche.

Evolve Move Play is deeply influenced by our experience deeply studying,Parkour, Martial arts, Contact Dance, Strength and Conditioning, gymnastics and evolutionary biology, anthropology, ethnography, ethology, play studies and complex systems theory.


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