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EMP Podcast 116
Aikido Vs MMA with ROKAS LEONAVICIUS | EMP Podcast 116
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Aikido Vs MMA with ROKAS LEONAVICIUS | EMP Podcast 116


Episode Breakdown

Welcome back to the Evolve Move Play Podcast!

Today we’re joined by Rokas Leonavicius.

Rokas is a former Aikido instructor and founder of the Martial Arts Journey YouTube Channel.

Today he’ll be joining us to talk about his transformative journey through the world of martial arts, beginning as a die hard Aikido ka, finding himself disillusioned with the art and many of it’s practitioners, and eventually breaking from the dogma of his instructor and community to explore the world of Mixed Martial Arts.
Along the way, he’ll also share how this journey played a big role in shaping his own character, his career, and even his spiritual worldviews.

I really enjoyed this conversation, and if you do too, please be sure to like, share, and subscribe if you aren’t already.

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – WORKSHOPS INTERNAL AD **01:22 link
01:28 – Rokas’ Background
14:48 – Crisis of Faith
19:55 – The Importance of Pressure Testing
26:02 – Moving towards Combat Sports
31:50 – The Community Response
43:08 – Losing the Religion
50:30 – Questioning the Spiritual Aspect
57:42 – Changing World Views
01:07:15 – Finding Matt Thornton
01:17:05 – Professional MMA Training with John Kavanagh
01:22:46 – Reunifying Philosophy with Gymnasia
01:44:40 – Psychological Disciplines and Training for Transfer

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Rokas Leonavicius
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