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Aliveness and the Universal Athletic Human Blueprint: EMP Podcast 41
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Aliveness and the Universal Athletic Human Blueprint: EMP Podcast 41

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00:00 – Intro
04:30 – Aliveness in Martial Arts
11:38 – Parkour, Gymnastics, Track & Field
23:24- Team Sports and the Constraint Led Approach
29:33 – Constraints, Affordances, and Perception & Action Coupling
34:58 – Playing the Game
39:54 – Variability
44:24 – The Natural Athlete
55:14 – Outro

Humans have evolved over millions of years to be extremely competent at meeting a vast variety of movement demands. Our ancient ancestors survived by being able to swiftly move through the most complex and rugged environments, not only to forage for food and chase down prey, but to escape predators from above and below.

Doing this effectively was always dependant on open skill expression!

An open skill is one that is expressed as solution to a dynamical changing environment and closed skill is one that is expressed in rote pre planned way.  A gymnastic tumbling run is closed skill an NFL punt return is a open skill.

The most important survival skills through out our evolution were open indeed life today is still an open skill challenge, even if the consequences of failure are less often deadly. 

We are wired to develop these skills but we do not learn them by performing isolated drills or repetitive pre-determined patterns. The ability to fight is not built from practicing kata, speed and agility doesn’t come from footwork ladders and cones.

At EMP we understand the importance of a skilled coach who can identify strengths and weaknesses and help an athlete hone their technique. Yet, above that, we understand the bigger importance of being able to facilitate a learning space where an athlete can develop their ability to read and react to an ever changing and dynamic environment.

That’s what this episode is about. Here we answer the question “What is Aliveness” and we explore how our method lays an incredible foundation for creating a truly functional and effective set of movement skills that can be applied to sport and life.

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