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EMP Podcast 76
Answering The Meaning Crisis with Paul Vander Klay and John Vervaeke | EMP Podcast 76
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Answering The Meaning Crisis with Paul Vander Klay and John Vervaeke | EMP Podcast 76


Episode Breakdown

Welcome back to the EMP Podcast!

John Vervaeke took an interest in my recent conversations with Paul Vander Klay and reached out to continue the discussion as a three way dialogue.

John is of course both a good friend and massive influence for both Paul and I so we were very interested in having John join us to continue this ongoing discussion.

As it turned out the conversation focused to a significant degree on what is happening within me in relationships to the question of spirituality or religion, which is quite personal thing to share but I think the openness of the discussion and the fact there are three people occupying quite different places in relationship to it make it useful for anyone curious about these questions.

As we finish the conversation John frames the question this way: Does the answer to the meaning crisis lie in conservatism(a return to tradition) or in something new and emergent. This is really the center of the discussion.

Wherever your stand on that question I think the questions we grapple with are insightful and certainly conversing with these two has been deeply informative for me.

For now I plan to leave this topic behind for a while, and return to more of a focus on movement practices specifically with some discussion of the influence of wisdom traditions from Taoism and Buddhism coming up as well.


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