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EMP Podcast 104
Parkour, Martial Arts & Play with Sebastien Foucan | EMP Podcast 104
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Parkour, Martial Arts & Play with Sebastien Foucan | EMP Podcast 104


Episode Breakdown

The Embodied Movement Summit is going live this month, January 24-28, and today on the podcast we are joined by one of the keynote speakers of this amazing event, our good friend Sebastien Foucan!

If you’d like to check out his presentation, or any of the 30+ others we have lined up from top professionals in the fields of Movement, Mindfulness, Community and Nature Connection, hit the link to get signed up!

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For those of you who are unfamiliar, Seb was among the pioneers of parkour in Paris in the 1980s. He was an introverted and unconfident child but liked to go out and explore the environment close to where he lived.

As a teenager who struggled at school and had difficulties at home, climbing, jumping, running, playing and interacting with the landscape became an escape for him and his friends. The passion and dedication for his craft led him to be invited to participate in several high profile performance roles with James Bond in Casino Royale, Madonna, Nike and K-swiss amongst others.

Today we’re talking about three of our biggest shared passions: Parkour, Martial Arts and Play. These things have shaped both of our lives to such a magnitude that we could probably devote an entire season to the topics and still just scratch the surface.

I had a wonderful time talking with Seb, and we will definitely have him on the show again in the future, so if you also enjoyed the conversation, leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t yet.

And again, don’t miss out on the Embodied Movement Summit where you can catch Sebastiens talk “Playfulness for Longevity and Vitality”.

During his presentation you’ll discover how you can reconnect with your sense of play to engage in a sustainable and rewarding practice, find out how to free yourself from fear and anxiety, and key into your body’s innate, seasonal rhythms so you can adapt your practice and be your best self every day.

And that’s just one of the 30+ presentations you get access to by signing up. Here are a few more you won’t want to miss:

John Vervaeke | “Why we need Movement and Mindfulness to Recover Lost Ways of Knowing and Solve the Meaning Crisis”

Kelly Starret | “Discover the Fundamental Tools for Management of Pain and Tissue Quality” Nick Winkelman | “Understand the Power of Language in Coaching and Athletics”

Marlo Fisken | “Give Yourself Permission to Express and Serve Your Community Through Expression”

Want to jump in or learn more?

Here’s the link again!

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Thanks! Hope to see you soon!


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