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EMP Podcast 91
Ascending Strength with Oliver Thorpe | EMP Podcast 91
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Ascending Strength with Oliver Thorpe | EMP Podcast 91


Episode Breakdown

Today our guest is Oliver Thorpe!

With about 15 years of training and 11 years of coaching and performing, Oliver is one of the most experienced parkour and freerunning athletes in Denmark.

If you keep an eye on viral parkour videos, you’ve probably seen footage of his amazing ability to scale buildings with incredible speed and precision.

I wanted to get Oliver on the show not only because of his incredible skill, but also because he helped pen a really interesting blog article responding to some of Theo Tanchak’s YouTube parkour science breakdowns.

I thought this would be a great chance to really dig into the scientific side of parkour and to see what methodology and philosophy he has around training at an elite level. So check it out and let us know what you think in the comments down below!


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