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EMP Podcast 79
Bridging the Mythological and Scientific Worldviews with Jonathan Pageau | EMP Podcast 79
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Bridging the Mythological and Scientific Worldviews with Jonathan Pageau | EMP Podcast 79


Episode Breakdown

If you have been following my discussion with John Vervaeke and Paul Vander Klay you have probably heard me mention Jonathan Pageau.

Pageau is an Icon Carver by trade, a commentator on symbolism on YouTube and devout Eastern Orthodox Christian. I met Pageau in 2017 at a Jordan Peterson speaking event. Jonathan was also a speaker there going over how art reveals patterns of being.

Honestly, at the time I had no idea what he was talking about, but Jonathan would end up doing a number of dialogues with Jordan and responses to his videos. I followed his work because as someone coming to Jordan’s work from an atheist perspective I wanted to understand how it was being interpreted from the religious side, this was the same reason I followed Paul Vander Klay.

When Pageau started engaging in Dialogues with John Vervaeke, I started to gain a deeper understanding of his approach and a better appreciation for his insights. In the process of my conversations with Paul Vander Klay and John Vervaeke I became increasingly interested in getting the chance to dialogue with Jonathan and understand his perspective more directly.

I was especially intrigued for this interview after watching Jonathan’s discussions with Rationality Rules and Adam Friend, who were both Atheist rationalists. I thought the conversations took interesting directions but suffered from being unable to accept each other’s frames.

I hoped I could manage that better and I believe I did. This turned out to be a fantastic and intriguing discussion for me that covered a lot of ground and established some good underlying foundations to bridge the mythological and scientific world view.

There was a point near the end beyond which we could not progress but I believe that in getting there, much was gained. I look forward very much to your feedback on this episode and the others we’ve had like it.

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