Movement Training for Humans
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Embark on a Safe and Empowering Movement Journey  Right at Home

Discover Our Step-By-Step Approach To Building Your Capacity For Complex Movement.

Imagine starting each day not just with a routine, but with an exhilarating journey into the heart of movement. In a world where fitness often feels like a chore, we invite you to experience something profoundly different.

Now, Evolve Move Play presents a new opportunity to transform your daily grind into a playful, empowering adventure.

Our uniquely crafted programs aren’t just about physical fitness; they’re about rediscovering the joy of movement and exploring the untapped potential within you.

The EMP Course Library

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The Evolve Move Play System is aimed at helping you remember the vital role that natural movement plays in obtaining physical health, mental wellbeing, and an improved sense of meaning in your life. 

By adopting an evolutionary perspective to movement and exercise, you’ll break free from the limitations of fitness culture, learn which movement practices will afford you the most powerful transformation, and begin exploring how to implement them into your daily routine. 

Movement Lifestyle Courses

Imagine Loving Your Body And The Way It Moves...

Because the truth is, a lot of people don’t. 

Over the last half a century, fitness culture has done a lot of damage to the way we perceive movement and how we treat our bodies. 
The concept of what is “healthy” has largely been twisted to the point where many have spent years slogging through drudgerous routines, chasing unrealistic ideals and being convinced that they’re flawed or broken when they can’t achieve them. 
We’re looking for a change; not just in the specific movements we perform, but in the entire way we conceptualize the meaning of movement, fitness, and health in a broader sense. 
That’s what our work at Evolve Move Play is centered around, and the best way to start experiencing these theories and practices TODAY is to sign up for one of our Movement Lifestyle Courses. 

Return to Movement

5 Day Introduction to Building a Movement Practice
$ 27
  • Suitable for those who are just starting their movement journey
  • Learn the fundamental principles behind Evolve Move Play in just 5 days
  • Three guided movement sessions to add to your daily practice
  • Daily movement challenges and access to our private online community

The EMP Daily Practice

Simple and Effective Practices Anyone Can Do
$ 97
  • Suitable for adults of all athletic abilities
  • Quick and efficient way to boost physical and mental health
  • Improves overall body awareness and agility
  • Easy to integrate into any lifestyle

Parkour Courses

unlock your body's potential

Within your body exists boundless possibilities for creative, expressive, and functional movements, and through these movements we can connect more deeply to the things that bring us joy and meaning in life. 

Nature is the place where our ancestors honed these skills that would be passed down to us through our DNA. When we move in nature, we see how something as simple as going from point A to point B can require an astonishing set of movement skills that many modern humans simply haven’t needed to acquire. 

But these skills exist within us today, and when we develop them we become stronger, sharper, more resistant to injury, and more equipped to escape the mundane and find a sense of thrill and accomplishment. 

With our online parkour courses, you’ll get step by step progressions on how to perform these fundamental movements, as well as lessons on how hone your vision and scout out training opportunities within your local environment.

EMP Foundations

Your First 30 Days of Natural Movement
$ 247
  • Easty to Follow Step By Step 30 Day Program
  • Suitable for Beginner to Intermediate Movers
  • Daily Mindful Movement Practices for Physical and Mental Wellbeing
  • Learn the Basics of: Walking, Running, Quadrupedal Movement, Jumping, Vaulting & Climbing

Intro to Natural Parkour 1

A 6-Week Deep Dive into Parkour in Nature
$ 497
  • Simple step-by-step roadmap to natural movement mastery
  • Stay consistent with daily mindful movement practices
  • Know where to go with detailed training location scouting guides
  • Track your practice and farm insights with your online journal
  • ​Keep track of every session with downloadable & printable session sheets

Intro to Natural Parkour 1&2

The Complete 12-Week INP Program
$ 994
  • Suitable for healthy adults looking to obtain advanced levels of skill
  • Expands upon the 6 weeks of material covered in INP level 1
  • Explore how to move on vertical surfaces with grace and power
  • Develop more complex vaults, jumps, breakfalls, and climbing techniques

Roughhousing Courses

Strengthen Bonds and Body through play

In the heart of our most joyful memories lies the essence of play — and at the core of play is the timeless art of roughhousing.

Far more than just playful combat, roughhousing is a gateway to improved fitness, deeper connections, and a richer understanding of movement and interaction.

Evolve Move Play invites you on a journey to rediscover this primal joy through our Roughhousing programs. Each tailored to meet different needs, these programs offer a unique blend of physical skill-building, emotional bonding, and pure, uninhibited fun.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your athletic prowess, connect more deeply with your children, or find new ways to bond with your partner, roughhousing opens a world of possibilities.

Join us as we explore the playful, dynamic, and transformative power of roughhousing, tailored for every walk of life.

Roughhousing 101

$ 197
  • 15 basic games designed to improve general athleticism and body awareness
  • Techniques and suggestions for involving larger groups in active and harmonious play sessions.
  • Discussions on the value of playful interactions for health and well-being.
  • Encouragement and ideas for creating your own games, adaptable to personal, family, or group contexts.

Roughhousing Complete Set

$ 297
  • Roughhousing 101 Course
  • Roughhousing for Kids Expansion
  • Roughhousing for Intimate Relationships Expansion

Choose Your Own Adventure

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The Evolve Move Play Approach is Perfect for you if

If for WHATEVER reason you end up not finding value in this workshop, materials and community or are simply not 100% satisfied just ask for a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund you fully

No questions asked. No hard feelings. No hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. All of the lessons are available on-demand. Once you enroll you will be given access to our unique social learning platform where you will be able to access the learning material on your schedule from anywhere in the world.

If you’re new to movement and are looking to get started with EMP, all of our courses are built to be beginner friendly. 

The most important factor to consider is how far you want to take your practice. If you just want a gentle daily movement routine that gets you in touch with your body and helps you stay active, Return to Movement, The Daily Practice, and EMP Foundations will be perfect for you. 

Roughhousing 101 and it’s expansion courses are a great option as well if you are excited about body to body practices and have friends or family that you can train with.

If you want to go further with your skills and start developing stronger, more dynamic locomotive abilities, our Intro to Natural Parkour series can take you from beginner to intermediate or even advanced levels of skill if you put in the time and effort!

One of the best things about natural movement is you don’t need fancy equipment.

In Return to Movement and the Daily Practice, all you’ll need is your body and some space to move around in. There will be some guidance in how to use optional props from around your home to aid in your practice, such as chairs, walls and cushions. 

In Foundations and INP, we will give you scouting missions and expert guidance on how to find training spots in the local areas around your home where you can safely practice the techniques we cover.

Obviously, in order to roughhouse you will need at least one partner, and a preferably soft, flat, spacious area to play around on. 

You will have unlimited and lifetime access to all the training materials you purchase in your bundle.  

If you decide it’s not a good fit and you’d like a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase, we will remove your access to the online courses, but you’ll still have lifetime access to the general EMP Members Area where you can utilize our community forums and interest groups!

At EMP, it’s about more than just the movement.

Our method is rooted in the evolutionary perspective on fitness and lifestyle, and we believe that going back to a ‘Whole Human Movement’ approach is the key to not only a strong, robust AND agile body, but also a sharp, curious and peaceful mind.

Through our movement practice, we aim to not only become the most adaptable and antifragile version of ourselves, but also gain a deeper sense of connection, meaning, purpose, and satisfaction in life.

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