Creating Stronger Communities With Play and Parkour: EMP Podcast Ep 20 with Caitlin Pontrella

This week on the Evolve Move Play Podcast we are very excited to have Caitlin Pontrella with us to discuss the importance of play in facilitating learning, developing physical, social & emotional capabilities, and building strong, inclusive communities.

We feel this is a topic of paramount importance; as our society moves forward into an age of higher productivity and relationships become more and more built upon a platform of technology, we are gradually seeing the practice of creative, unstructured free play being left by the wayside as rates of anxiety and depression continue to rise.

Play is not only where we naturally develop physical capacities like strength, stability, speed, coordination, etc… it’s also where we develop our ability to solve problems, communicate with peers, negotiate, and learn empathy. Losing something so incredibly important to us is a real problem which is why it’s great to have Caitlin on to talk about her extensive experience on the subject and
to discuss what we can do to reunite with our play drive so that we can live as fully and freely as possible.

So go check it out and let us know what you think! Also don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and leave a rating/review for us on iTunes.

Thanks everyone, and happy moving!
-The EMP Team

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