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Double movement inspiration 12/19/13 Snow
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Double movement inspiration 12/19/13 Snow

Double movement inspiration 12/19/13 Snow

For those of us in the northwest snow is predicated to fall tonight, up to 5 inches, which gives me an excuse to feature my little sister here who is also a life long mover, a dancer and gymnast in her school years, snowboarder, dancer and yogi since. Her latest season edit was featured by snowboard magazine, inspiring stuff. Warning rampant cursing.

Sliding on snow has actually been human movement strategy for 8,000 years or more, there was great article in national geographic recently about the origins of skiing very interesting, check out a video of old school traditional skiing in one of the origin areas here.

So my prescription for you tomorrow, or this weekend if possible is find some time to slide on some snow, whether just on sled in your neighborhood, on a ski slope, or for the skilled doing some snow parkour.

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