You too can become a movement hero. Learn to jump, vault & climb and flow through nature, how to roughhouse and how to build the most capable and alive version of yourself

EMP Weekend Experience

This seminar provides an unmatched introduction to the varied movements you evolved for. Two 8-hour days of detailed instruction, movement drills, exploration, games, lecture and discussion.

Covering all the basics of Evolve Move Play

  • Arboreal Movement
    Learn to swing, jump and vault through trees like Tarzan and reconnect with 90 million years of primate evolution the source of incredibly movement diversity.
  • Flow
    Learn the principles of flow and ways to move over the flat ground, rocky terrain or city walls and rails.
  • Ground Engagement
    Improve ground flow and break falling, rebuild your relationship, confidence and vocabulary of moving on and getting to and from the ground.
  • Roughhousing/Rough and Tumble
    Play games, drills and concepts to help you reclaim the fun of roughhousing like a kid. Develop the full body athleticism, movement sensitivity and capacity for communication and emotional regulation that roughhousing is unmatched in developing. Explore how roughhousing’s connection to advanced martial arts, self defense and contact improvisation
  • Joint Integrity and body preparation
    Join in mobility health and longevity practices to reclaim your naturally supple & connected body
  • Mental game development
    Gain techniques and concepts to improve your ability to focus, overcome fears, and create the optimal mental states for performance

You will leave with

  • A more meaningful movement practice
  • Greater resilience and adaptability
  • An increased connection to nature
  • New ways to play and communicate to improve your tribal connections
  • An understanding of how to train using the movements we evolved for & how to adopt a more movement oriented lifestyle.
  • Finally, you will leave with a new tribe of movers!

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