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Eric Rubin Testimonial
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Eric Rubin Testimonial

“I’ve never been this strong, injury-free, and confident in my movement.”

Eric Rubin came to me as an experienced traceur but one who had had to slow down and really limit himself due to injury and who was decently strong but had plateaued below the level of strength necessary to really excel in parkour. In 11 weeks we put a big dent in those problems. If your looking for a personalized, effective and broad movement programming, hit me up soon I have exactly one space left for online coaching.

Eric’s testimonial.
“I came to Rafe with a lot of goals and a lot of injuries. After years of training parkour, I wanted to be able to stride on narrow objects (like hand rails), smoothly climb up walls, and play freely worrying so much about what would happen if I missed a jump or a hand placement. On top of that, I had a bunch of strength goals and I wanted to improve my ground flow … but I had injuries in my wrist, low back, shoulder, and ankle to the extent that I wasn’t even doing jumps.
Rafe did a thorough in-person consultation and wrote me a very detailed, 11-week training program that addressed my goals and targeted weak suits I hadn’t even known about. Instead of just slapping a strength program on top of a skill program, Rafe carefully balanced and cycled the demands of skill and strength development so I could improve at both without burning out or getting hurt. It’s rare to find someone with advanced knowledge of exercise science, parkour, capoeira, gymnastics strength training, joint integrity, falling technique, and skill development through play. Rafe’s understanding of all these topics (plus me actually following the program) gave me fantastic results: I’ve never been this strong, injury-free, and confident in my movement.

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