Evolve Move Play Autumn Retreat

Train with the Seasons

October 3-6, 2019

What is the EMP Autumn Retreat?

As the frenetic energy of summer dissipates will your movement practice stall? Can you carry your practice into the fall and stay connected to nature? How will you adjust to the changing temperatures and the rhythms of the land and your body?

The EMP Autumn Retreat is an event to celebrate the passing of summer, the beauty of fall, and accept the coming of winter. We will be jumping, climbing, sparring, and playing, but we will also focus on the quieter sides of practice. Immersed in the beauty of the northwest fall, we will find ourselves among the fire-red leaves of vine maples, and the crimson blush of alpine blueberry bushes.

We will celebrate seeing the land with new eyes and will take time to contemplate our connection with it. We will harvest apples and make apple cider and apple butter to take home and remind us of our adventures and our connection to the Evolve Move Play tribe. We will hike up in the high country and pick blueberries. We will share stories around campfires and celebrate the heat of summer and the cold of winter through saunas and cold plunges.

Join us to celebrate the harvest season, as we renew our connections to movement practice, to nature, and to the tribe.

Send off the summer, prepare for winter, celebrate the harvest, connect and build your tribe.

About the Autumn Retreat

If you are passionate above movement and nature, and want to develop a movement practice that will bring the most meaning to your life, then this seminar is for YOU.

The EMP movement experience is designed to be accessible and beneficial to all levels and ages 14 and above, or possibly younger depending on the maturity of the child.

Seeing what our students and coaches are capable of is sometimes intimidating to beginners, but the whole point of our EMP system is that it is adaptable to all levels! We have had students as young as 11 and as old as 73 join us with no difficulty. Our students have spanned the gamut from untrained novices to elite parkour and MMA athletes.

  • Arboreal Movement
    Learn to swing, jump, and vault through trees like Tarzan, and reconnect with 90 million years of primate evolution, the source of most of our movement capacities.
  • Flow
    Learn the principles of flow and ways to move over flat ground, rocky terrain, or city walls and rails.
  • Ground Engagement
    Ground flow and break falling, rebuild your relationship, confidence, and vocabulary moving on and getting to and from the ground.
  • Roughhousing/Rough and Tumble
    Games, drills, and concepts to help you reclaim the fun of roughhousing like a kid, while developing the full body athleticism, movement sensitivity, and capacity for communication and emotional regulation that roughhousing is unmatched in developing. We also touch on roughhousing’s connections to advanced martial arts, self defense, and contact improvisation.
  • Joint Integrity and Body Preparation
    Mobility health and longevity practices to reclaim your natural supple connected body.
  • Mental game development
    Techniques and concepts to improve your ability to focus, overcome fears, and create the optimal mental states for performance.
  • Fire Making
    Learn how to use a bow-drill to create a friction fire; learn how to collect and prepare tinder and build a fire from natural materials.
  • Tracking
    Learn to recognize signs of wild animals, and what they are telling you from tracks, scat, kill sites and more.
  • Bush Food
    Learn to find delicious wild foods in your environment.
  • And more, depending on who we are collaborating with each year.
  • A more meaningful movement practice
  • Greater resilience and adaptability
  • An increased connection to nature
  • New ways to play and communicate to improve your tribal connections
  • An understanding of how to train using the movements we evolved for
  • Practical ways to adopt a more movement oriented lifestyle
  • A new tribe!

The beautiful sprawling cedars and surroundings of Volunteer Park in Seattle. Featured in Rafe’s Tree Runner video


The incredible sandstone boulders, woods and beaches of Larrabee state park. Site of Rafe’s rock runner video.


The incredible sandstone boulders, woods, and beaches of Larrabee State Park, site of my Rock Runner video, as well as adventures for any students not interested in cold immersion or meditation. More description below in “Where we will stay.”


The amazing woods, creek, and cliffs of Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, WA. The park is filled with many beautiful spots for creek running and beautiful swimming holes. For those who are interested, this area features the cliff diving spots and waterfall climb featured in our Move Like a Human video.


Back to Seattle for the beautiful laurel and maple trees, sand slopes, and driftwood beach of Discovery Park, featured in the Move Like a Human video.


Join us at this retreat and you will be welcomed on the beautiful Kelley Family homestead, settled in 1920 years ago by my great grandfather Stanislaus Janicki. My father Sun Ray Kelley has created a wonderland of natural buildings, gardens, and orchards. The retreat site features wood-fired saunas, multiple cold plunge pools, and outdoor kitchens that have been featured in everything from the New York Times to the National Geographic channel.

Local organic food will be served around a broadly paleo theme. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

There are 12 spots available in the main house and these are first come first serve, so grab your tickets early. For late sign-ups, there is ample camping space in our apple orchard.

  • Athletic clothes
  • Swim gear
  • Rain gear (just in case)
  • A water bottle
  • Sun protection if desired
  • Camping gear if you choose to camp
  • Musical equipment, movement toys, bushcraft projects, and anything else you would like to share during down times
  • A notebook & writing implements
  • Most importantly, your taste for adventure and spirit of play

Location tour video


If you can walk and run, you are ready to join us. We have had students as old as their 70’s join us and have a blast! This seminar is for all ages and levels.

Nope. Some of the students you see in our videos doing amazing movements learned them the week they trained with us. This is a seminar for all movement backgrounds.

Yes, absolutely. We realize this is a big commitment and we’re happy to work with you to make sure you can join us.

Our cancellation policy until august 3 days, but no refund thereafter (unless due to serious illness or injury). Our seminars are often in high demand and take time to plan so we need to know far in advance who can come.

Yes, we will be covering ways to use the materials with your clients when you return home.

Any athletic activity carries some risk, but these movement practices are far less dangerous than they are usually believed to be. We evolved to run, jump, and climb, and have natural instincts for what is safe when doing so. Our approach focuses on helping you progressively learn your own limits. Over the history of our teaching, our injury rate is less than half that of something like playing soccer. With our roughhousing we introduce elements like lifts, striking, and grappling only after teaching breakfalls and developing good partnering techniques. We start with games that have strong safety limitations before progressing as students’ competency grows. While we ask students to gently push their personal limits, we never ask or expect students to “keep up” or perform beyond their capabilities.

Come Train With Us…

Learn that and so much more at our Autumn Retreat

Unlock the power of natural movement practice
Learn to live a more engaged, inspired, and connected life
Reclaim your birthright to move through the natural world with power, grace, and flow

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