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Exploring Technical Development in Parkour with Ryan Ford: EMP Podcast 24
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Exploring Technical Development in Parkour with Ryan Ford: EMP Podcast 24

One of the biggest difficulties in progressing as an athlete is deciding on how to structure a training program to best meet the goals that they have set out for themselves. It requires an honest assessment of many different factors such as physical, mental, and emotional capabilities and a firm understanding of how the body and mind work to enhance and sustain performance. Many athletes deal with a lot of frustration around hitting plateaus while many of them struggle to incorporate training routines that are often too complicated or poorly designed to offer any real benefit.

Today we are stepping away from the philosophical content and diving into the nuts and bolts of technical development for parkour and movement practitioners. If you’re interested in learning how to take your skill, strength, speed, and subsequent training practices to the next level, our guest Ryan Ford is one of the foremost thinkers on the subject.

In our conversation we’re going to talk about practices that beginners should orient themselves towards and ways that they can scale more advanced movements down to their level to streamline their development. We will also dive into what sets athletes apart at the highest levels of skill and how to zero in on and strengthen the attributes that are lagging behind. In addition we will talk about how to figure out which movements will give you the most bang for your buck depending on your individual limitations.

So you might want to grab a pad and a pen and jot down notes for this one. Like always, if you have any questions drop them in the comments section below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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Thanks everyone, and happy moving!
-The EMP Team

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro
02:12 – Ryan’s History & Practice
08:47 – Classes, Coaching, and Programming
13:11 – Scaling Movements and Progress Carryover
22:00 – Strength Training and Track & Field
27:52 – Load, Explode, & Drive
39:30 – Injury Resilience
45:41 – Prescribing Strength
54:47 – Examining Speed
01:01:25 – Flow

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