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Exploring the Outer Limits of Parkour with Callum Powell: EMP Podcast 19
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Exploring the Outer Limits of Parkour with Callum Powell: EMP Podcast 19

Parkour is a sport that, in many ways, is still in it’s infancy. The practice only began gaining traction in the late 90’s & early 00’s yet, in the short time since, we have seen an incredible surge of young athletes performing feats that previously had only been seen in elite gymnastics competitions. Many of these athletes have gleaned their knowledge and skills only by watching internet videos and devoting their free time to practicing with friends at their local spots.

The internet has played a surprisingly powerful role in this sudden spike of popularity and skill. YouTube and Instagram feed fuel to the fire of parkour practitioners around the world and of all the pages that are devoted to the practice, Storror has risen above all the rest.

Even if you don’t know who Callum Powell and the rest of the Storror team are, chances are you would recognize some of their films which highlight their amazing technical abilities and penchant for jumping rooftop gaps hundreds of feet in the air.

We are really excited to have Callum on the podcast to talk about what it means to be on the leading edge of the sport of parkour and how he tackles the process of exploring what is physically and mentally possible, while maintaining an acceptable level of safety, responsibility, and sustainability along the way.

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Thanks everyone, and happy moving!
-The EMP Team

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