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Facing Failure and Finding Freedom with Amos Rendao: EMP Podcast 18
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Facing Failure and Finding Freedom with Amos Rendao: EMP Podcast 18

For most people, the prospect of failure is highly intimidating. It’s uncomfortable and usually comes with some sort of consequence that can drastically alter our lives or the way we view ourselves. Commonly the approach is to try and avoid failure altogether and stick to things that are comfortable and as non-threatening as possible. The problem with this ends up being that life is uncontrollable, and so long as we are people who are striving for things, the chance of failure is always looming.

What if we looked at this problem differently though?

What if instead of avoiding failure, we faced it? What if we practiced falling down, getting rejected, coming up short just enough to learn how to do it gracefully and without catastrophe?

What if we removed our fear of failure and replaced it with understanding and confidence instead? It’s interesting to think of how far we might go towards achieving the things we set out to do.

On this week’s episode of The Evolve Move Play Podcast, we talk with Amos Rendao. Amos is an owner of Apex Movement and ParkourEDU who has developed a training practice to help athletes learn to fall and avoid injury called Parkour Ukemi. He also has been researching aliveness and application in parkour with his Parkour Randori practice. He’s an amazing coach and thinker, is incredibly fun to talk with, and has one hell of a chase story. So sit back and enjoy our conversation with Amos Rendao, and while you’re at it, hit like, subscribe, and leave us a review on iTunes
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00:00 – Intro
01:37 – Interview Start
04:33 – Parkour Ukemi
10:03 – Antifragility, Danger V. Risk
13:43 – Finding Freedom Through Failure
18:23 – Technical Falling: Martial Arts v Parkour
34:40 – Amos’ Why
40:34 – Recovery
48:56 – Blending Methods
58:04 – Dance & Parkour
01:02:23 – Finding Human Limits
01:05:46 – Parkour Randori
01:11:38 – The Chase
01:25:12 – Contact Amos/Learn More



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