Movement Training for Humans
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Discover What it Means to Move Like a Human!

We fully support your goals for fitness and self-transformation. That’s why we’ve loaded you up with our collection of natural movement and parkour resources to supplement your journey through the movement lifestyle.

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Join Rafe and guests as they tackle some of the most engaging and important discussions around movement, mindfulness, nature and community connection practices.


Want to know what we're working on behind the scenes? Browse our extensive catalogue of blog posts and learn more about the insights and concepts that are the backbone of the EMP method.
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Online Courses

Whether you're just looking to dip your toes, or you want to dive in the deep end, we have a series of Natural Movement, Parkour and Roughhousing online courses that will fit your needs.


This summer our coaches are hitting the road to teach a series of 2-day workshops in the UK and US. Click any of the events below to learn more!

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Our seasonal retreats are the purest and most complete expression of the Evolve Move Play method that you can experience. Spend five to eight days immersed in the rugged, pristine beauty of the Pacific Northwest, exploring what it means to move, and live, like a human. No matter your current level, you’ll discover how to: -Move your body more skillfully through the natural world -Forge deeper bonds with your fellow humans -Become more attuned to nature and the ways it provides us sustenance, learning, and growth
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