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EMP Podcast 71
How to Cue a Kangaroo with Joel Smith | EMP Podcast 71
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How to Cue a Kangaroo with Joel Smith | EMP Podcast 71


Episode Breakdown

Hey everyone, this week our guest on the podcast is strength and performance expert and fellow podcast host Joel Smith.

Joel is a self declared Kangaroo and, like myself, a geek about the art of cueing and communicating with Athletes.

The last 3 weeks have had heavy emphasis on meaning and spirituality with some challenging material. It’s fun to return to the more familiar ground of how we get athletes to run faster, jump higher, and be all around more adaptable.

Joel’s Just Fly Performance Podcast is one of my two favorites in the strength and performance arena. He has collected an incredible set of guests and has synthesized this wide array of thinkers concepts in distinct and insightful ways throughout his work as collegiate strength and conditioning coach and author.

Joel has a lot to share when it comes to how we build the most adaptable athletes possible. I had a great time talking with him, and I hope you will all enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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