When you strengthen one structure and leave other structures untrained they are proportionally weaker then before, more prone to injury.

Proportional Weakness

I just encountered this concept from Katy Bowman’s work, but it dovetails perfectly with my approach.

A callus is the adaption of the skin to being loaded when the strong tissue pulls on the weak tissue a tear is the result.

For years I have been comparing the calluses on my hand to those in people only exposed to barbells, bars or flat walls. All of these develop a single line of callus generally just below the fingers.

My hand is callused from the bottom to the top because it grips a wide variety of surfaces, boulders, tree limbs, heavy rocks and logs. My calluses hardly ever tear.

The old stereotype about farm boy strong vs gym strong is rooted in truth, a diversity of physical stressors results in a broader adaption a stronger base.

Any gym no matter how progressive is a proprioceptively impoverished environment relative to training outdoors and urban environments likewise compared to nature.

Be human strong, train in nature.