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Inspiration 1/12/15 Trunk Climbing
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Inspiration 1/12/15 Trunk Climbing

Human ancestors spent 60 millions years as arboreal creatures one of the key adaptions was what is called vertical clinging and jumping in ethnology. Rock climbing is the highest expression of that in contemporary movement culture but those physical capacities developed first to deal with tree trunks. The trunk of tree can provide a face with interesting crimps, jugs, and cracks to climb just like a rock, in general rock is more secure and less likely to fracture or slip then bark, and provides a larger canvas for movement, but expressing face climbing on trees is almost totally unexplored and revisiting it returns us to deep part of our ancestral primate arborealism.

Here is an interesting trunk climb I found on eucalyptus tree during my trip to the bay area. I was recovering from a bad fever the day this was filmed but found the tree to beautiful to resist.

See if you can find something similar in your area and develop both your vision and your climbing ability.

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