Inspiration 1/16/15 Try try again

In exploring places to move do not dismiss an area after a single exploration. Movement inspiration is fickle and you may miss brilliant things because your not ready to see them the first time you explore an area.

Especially in natural areas I find they often take time to unveil their potential.

Yesterday was a such a day, laurel trees are among my favorite play environments and I was excited when I first found this one but I only found a few small things during my first explorations, and it ended up far down the list of awesome places to play at volunteer park.

Today I returned to explore it more deeply, what I found was almost a perfect match for the movement aspects I am exploring right now, the soft leaf litter slope underneath the tree makes working on falling out of the tree very safe and fun, while new swings and jumps became apparent to me, and interesting mounts and adaptions to the sway of the branches.

Here is a small taste of what we found.

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