Inspiration 10/1/14 Kettlebell flow

Of all the standard weight training tools I like kettlebells the best as a tool for movement complexity, for adding intensity to basic flow patterns and being able to express creativity with a heavy implement there is no better tool.

I have long incorporated some Kettlebell flow work and hand to hand training in my training as bit of play before heavy lifting, but I have never explored it deeply, This athlete has and I have to say the result is beautiful. Exploring deeper variations on basic push, pull, squat, hip hinge, lunge and rotation patterns will help you be a more adaptable over all athlete while adding an element of fun to your training.

For those interested in playing with these patterns, I recommend the work of Chip Conrad, John Wolf, Jason C. Brown and Gus Petersen.

Even if you don’t have access to kettlebells you can play with some of the patterns with rocks or logs on a beach.

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