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Inspiration 10/16/14 A little Bboy inspiration
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Inspiration 10/16/14 A little Bboy inspiration

I have been an admirer of Bboy since I was a kid but never taken to start learning it, it is a really amazing movement base, Traceurs I have meet with Bboy backgrounds have a wonderful adaptable movement capacity. We have talked extensively about why dance is an important part of being a human mover, we have also talked about the value of ground flow, handbalancing and acrobatics, Bboy contains elements of all these in a similar way to capoeira, for me capoeira was the more interesting of the two disciplines but I would love to take some time to explore Bboy when I feel more solid in my Capoeira and ready to branch out. For now I will try to learn a little bit by watching and trying to understand what is happening and what small things I can pick up.

Enjoy this video and see if there pieces amongst all the spectacular tricks you can understand and add to your movement.

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