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Inspiration 10/22/14 more lateral freerunning creativity
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Inspiration 10/22/14 more lateral freerunning creativity

A few days ago we touched on the idea of lateral creativity. The next day this video popped up in my feed, its a collection of phone clips but contains some of the some of the most interesting and intricate parkour/freerunning combinations I have seen recently, Jereme is good friend of mine and guy whose movement I have always admired, I have been watching this video repeatedly to glean ideas for interesting movement explorations.

In particular the swinging, spinning and tic tacing combinations are quite unique and intriguing to me. The other aspects I really like here is the explorations of rolls through tight spaces, and connections and transitions out of rolls with spins, or vaults. Very cool stuff.

Play with your roll and your swinging skills today and look for new connections and transitions.

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