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Inspiration 10/23/14 Surf the Arctic sea
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Inspiration 10/23/14 Surf the Arctic sea

This is amazing.

I haven’t touched on surfing on the blog before its not what I consider one of the fundamental movement patterns but it is a wonderful movement practice, I learned to surf 3 years ago and got the chance to do it for just a couple days, even so I still have dreams about the feeling of catching a wave. Locomotive skill, balance, interaction with the aquatic environment surfing is great stuff for sure. Surfing in the arctic is not a starting place, but we have talked about the value of cold water training and the reality that through pushing ourselves to our limits we find the most powerful experience of being alive. That is what his video speaks to intense immersion in the moment and aliveness.

If you get a chance to surf definitely pick it up, and hopefully this inspires you to seek more experiences of deep aliveness.

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