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Inspiration 10/24/14 Go walk in nature.
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Inspiration 10/24/14 Go walk in nature.

Yesterday I went out for a training session at discovery park, I made some interesting discoveries first I found the cold tolerance of my feet was not sufficient to allow me to get fully warmed up while barefoot, second I discovered that I had brought two left shoes and no rights. So I ended up hiking and exploring rather then really training hard which was just fine, the park is very large and I have only scouted a few areas seeing more of it was beautiful, I found a excellent cedar climbing tree with amazing views and a second area were a series of Laurel trees have grown under a giant sycamore such that you can climb the laurels trees up to the limbs of the sycamore.

All this brought back a deep sense memories of my childhood wandering wet woods barefoot on on autumn evening of surpassing beauty, feeling mud squelch under my toes then tromping through puddles to clean them off, stopping to pick apples. The fact I was unable to train harder element then gentle climbing and hiking made it almost easier to reconnect with the way I moved as a child. I was blessed with this sunset to end my training day.


My challenge for you this weekend is to get out and get some deep nature time in.

Enjoy this beautiful video of the great bear wilderness up in BC as inspiration.

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