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Inspiration 10/27/14 Parkour power, speed and creativity.
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Inspiration 10/27/14 Parkour power, speed and creativity.

I have written allot about parkour and it remains the discipline closest to the core elements of my personal practice. Still allot of what I see coming out of the parkour community bores me, everybody following specific trends working more advanced acrobatics or big jumps in simple environments, when I see something that is exceptional in another direction it always reminds me why I fell in love with parkour.

The German parkour scene seems to produce some of the most interesting movers, great movement complexity and lateral creativity, combined with high levels of speed, strength, and power, this video from the ashigaru group showcases everything I love about the what I am seeing out of these groups, a few acrobatics here and there but the focus is on finding unique movements and paths and being able to move through complex spaces with speed and fluidity.

Watch it and see if you can find some new challenges new ways of seeing the environment around you.

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