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Inspiration 10/30/14 Roughhouse like Connor Mcgregor
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Inspiration 10/30/14 Roughhouse like Connor Mcgregor

If you follow mixed martial arts your probably aware of Connon Mcgregor an up and coming featherweight fighter, with string of impressive victories, a gift for soundbites and a penchant for nice suites.

Watching him fight is fascinating in the way he uses a broader scope of movement capacity and intelligent tactics to take apart his opponents, his skill set reminds me a bit of lyoto machida but with a more overwelming set of physical abilities relative to his weight class. He is also based out of the SBGI system were I was introduced to the concept of alive martial arts.

He is well worth paying attention to for the student of movement.

I found the light sparring in this video beautiful in its fluidity and control this how allot of sparring should be done, its beautiful expression of roughhousing,

My challenge for you today is to find someone to roughhouse with, with a similar relaxation and attention to fluidity.

This is also worth checking out to see some of the broader scope of Connors movement practice.

and for a more in depth analysis of his specific application of movement and tactics in MMA check out this great article from Lawrence Kenshin.

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