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Inspiration 10/6/14 Chinese Pole
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Inspiration 10/6/14 Chinese Pole

In my own movement practice I have been spending a large amount of time in trees recently exploring movement patterns and developing terminology and techniques for moving both efficiently and aesthetically in that medium. This is a totally underdeveloped area of human movement and much of what I discover feels like new territory. As I have dived deeper into this practice it has become clear to me that bar and pole based acrobatic practices are derivations of our essential arboreal capacity as primates. The bar and pole are simplified expressions of the basic patterns of tree limb and trunk, so these are interesting areas to research for someone who wants to begin to understand how we can express our capacity for movement in arboreal contexts.

Today I wanted to share an awesome chinese pole video and ask you guys to try to identify movement patterns in this routine you could apply to moving in trees.

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