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Inspiration 10/7/14 Underwater Exploration
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Inspiration 10/7/14 Underwater Exploration

Swimming is one of the key locomotive skills for a human being, being competent in water can save your life but there is much more to it then that, being good at aquatic movement opens whole new worlds, aquatic movement can be so much more then just swimming laps when you add the capacity to hold your breathe and dive.

Deep water Apnea is pretty small niche of movers but they are pushing the boundaries of the human body in astonishing ways and opening up beautiful worlds to explore.

One need not hold your breath for 4 minutes while at depths where a mistake means death to enjoy opening up a new world a pair of goggles and a creek can open up amazing little worlds too, allowing you to see what a waterfall looks like under water or the lives of the animals and plants under the water.

Go out for a swim and spend some time diving down under water and working on your apnea, grab some goggles and see what you can see.

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