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Inspiration 10/8/14 Lift a human
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Inspiration 10/8/14 Lift a human

Ever since I have started to pay attention to dance I have been intrigued by the lifts, while I enjoy lifting weights, weight lifting practices and tools are generally not very good for developing movement complexity and I don’t find going deeper into them very intriguing. Lifting another human though offers endless possibilities for complex movement, while also allowing us to engage with another person and stress similar maximal strength attributes as weightlifting, that is pretty amazing combo. The also tap into deep play drives, every kid wants to be swung around and thrown in the air.

I have been thinking about this for awhile but had not been able to really start exploring this in my practice until the last couple days when I found some great partners to play with in the awesome Apex Movement community around Denver and Boulder, over the last couple days I learned to do turkish get ups with a human in my hand, flip somebody laying on their back, swing somebody behind my back and back around the front, lift and catch a partner in high bird.

The only thing I got on camera was this

but I figured I would share this video for some awesome partner lifting inspiration.

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