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Inspiration 10/9/14 Parcours
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Inspiration 10/9/14 Parcours

The term Parkour has come to describe a huge variety of ways of training on obstacles, from very acrobatic approaches also called free running, to variations on parkour that focus on flow and connection with little attention to effectiveness, to a focus on developing big jumps and vaults, were the focus is on those specific movement rather then on solving a specific environment.

I enjoy all these and think they can be great parts of an overall approach to movement but I have always felt the heart of the discipline of parkour should be finding a course through a complex environment or over a set of obstacles and then trying to move as quickly as possible through that area, this is so uncommon an approach at least as portrayed in videos now, that I am always surprised to see it and remember how beautiful the movement can be without the focus on flips or giant jumps.

Around Apex Movement and Parkour Visions this part of the discipline has come to be refered to as coursing, in the original french group the term may have been Parcours.

Naim l1consolable has been one of the most interesting content producers putting out movement of this sort for quite some time.

Today in your training find a place with some obstacles and instead of trying to find a kong or precision or jump to practice, look at the obstacles and try to find the most effective solution.

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