Inspiration 11/13/14 play with a dog

Dogs are amazing animals, they have been our companions for  at least 30,000, aiding us in hunting, and guarding our homes, then learning to herd our livestock, protect them from predators, rid our houses of vermin, and far more. One of the things they excel at the most though is just in engaging the human sense of play. Dogs like humans are social group hunters, they have learned to read us exceptionally well and no other animal can play with humans with the same diversity as dog, from roughhousing, to games of tag, to ball games, dock diving, agility, etc etc.

Audrey and bagheera sharing a hug

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Time spent with a dog is a great way to rediscover how to play and I find watching the way they play with each other a rich resource for understanding play.

So next time you get a chance to engage in some play with a canid, if you don’t have any dogs in your life there are always lots of dogs at local shelters who desperately need someone to come give them attention.

For inspiration check out this incredible German Shepherd training with one of my favorite movers Aral Roca.

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