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Inspiration 11/18/14 parkour/ground flow/combative integration
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Inspiration 11/18/14 parkour/ground flow/combative integration

Travis Lee was one of my students at this years Return to the source seminar, he is also a long time wushu student and one of the head coaches at Apex Movement Fort Collins. He just dropped this great video showing a solo practice of elements of movement over obstacles, ground flow and combatives specifically kicks.

This is wonderful expression of the ideas behind Evolve Move Play, playing with all these elements and linking them smoothly, stepping outside the limitations of specific movement disciplines and putting it all together.

While the difficulty in each element is less then you might see in a specialist in those given areas, the ability to create such seamlessly links between very different movement languages is not at all common and once again it showcases the often under explored potential for lateral creativity.

Your challenge today, is to work on a similar combo, vault, ground flow, kicks put it all together, have fun.

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