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Inspiration 11/24/14 Ballet
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Inspiration 11/24/14 Ballet

While I have been increasingly interested in dance over the last few years I have not taken the time to study ballet either in person or just watching it much on deep level untill recently.

I started taking modern recently and I have been realizing how much of the vocabulary I am learning originates in classical dance. People have been encouraging me to take some ballet classes for awhile so its has been on my radar but after the modern classes I came across this video and it profoundly increased my interest in ballet.

The movement quality and power shown here is incredible, I would estimate his straight vertical jumps to be over two feet, this is absolute incredibly given the minimal knee bend, total lack of hip hinge and extreme turned out position he is jumping from. The more complex moving jumps are so precise and complex its just incredible.

The wraps on his legs and some of his movmement in between jumps does speak to the downside of classical dance it can be so rigid and strict that is destructive to the body but as piece of a movers arsenal I suspect it is one of the most potent approaches to movement virtuosity.

This piece of Don Quixote shows the movement in its full expression and it is awe inspiring.

If you get a chance classic dance is powerful means to build yourself as a mover. I will be playing with some pirouettes and leaps today.

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