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Inspiration 12/10/14 Pieces of my training
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Inspiration 12/10/14 Pieces of my training

I have been grabbing allot more small pieces of footage or pictures lately of my training most of which are not worthy of a full blog post but I dump them on instagram or facebook if your not following me there though you end up missing allot of good content.

So here is a round up of some of my recent goings on.

My personal current training focuses are:
Movement in trees here is line from a sequoia tree, these trees are very interesting to move in because the limbs are very large but often still very flexible and the bark is slippery, this makes it hard to find good confident grips and to be able stabilize or move with power off your feet. The movement may not look as spectacular but is fascinating to do.

Here is bit of movement in an immense maple tree, a smallish precision jump between tree limbs though quite high of the ground and series of swings down, the sprawling and slopey branches of maples are very distinctive environment as well,

I have also finally forced myself to start going into the gym to nail down my corkscrew and clean up some of my other acrobatics.

While I am there I always work on bar swinging skills as this is great compliment to swings and jumps between tree limbs.

I have also been taking modern dance, and working on strength skills, and some specific capoeira skills but no videos of that stuff.

Evolve Move Play also started offering our first regular group classes here in seattle, and I have captured some of my students movement. If your in the area and interested check out facebook.come/rafekelleymovement for info on the classes.

Here is a couple tree lines from two of my students, the first student has been training with me for 5 years and has practiced all of the elements of the EMP method. The second trained with me briefly and has dabbled in parkour with background in martial arts.

I hope you enjoy the little glimpses into what is going in the lab of my personal training and my students, go play in your own personal lab.

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