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Inspiration 12/15/14 Juggle
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Inspiration 12/15/14 Juggle

Manipulatives like interaction or locomotion has the potential for infinite complexity or intensity, in my own practice I have focused more on intensity in my manipulative practice but the more I develop as an athlete though the more I see the need and desire for complexity in all aspects of movement. For manipulatives, complexity tends to live in practices like freestyle soccer, footbag, basketball tricks, and most especially juggling and its many sub disciplines, lately I have been practicing a simple three ball cascade as a little movement snack when I find my focus breaking down while working, and as low impact warm up prior to my more intense practices. That is the extent of my juggling capacity but its still developmental and my daughter finds it delightful.

Practicing a little juggling is a great way to develop hand eye coordination expand your movement maps and experience flow with very little impact on your recovery, its perfect warm up for recovery day activity as well.

So today I wanted to share some juggling inspiration and challenge you to take on learning at least the basics if you already juggle well keep doing soon.


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