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Inspiration 12/16/14 playing with sticks
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Inspiration 12/16/14 playing with sticks

In addition to a little bit of juggling the other object I have been playing with more of late is the stick

I have been playing with gentle stick fighting sensitivity games, using the stick in mobility drills and stick driven movement improvisation as seen here.

We call this last one Squirrel hunter and it is based on concepts from the Zen Archer game popularized by the Ido Portal team

So today I wanted to share some sources of inspiration for manipulating the stick.

The stick of course can be used as a weapon and there are traditional forms in many martial arts, I enjoyed this Xing Yi form particularly

You can also practice forms with a partner which is nicely demonstrated here

This stick can also become simply a dance partner a place for creative expression as seen here.

So today go play with a stick.

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