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EMP Podcast 18
Inspiration 12/18/14 Parkourish bouldering(stuntwerk)
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Inspiration 12/18/14 Parkourish bouldering(stuntwerk)

Parkour and Rock climbing are intimately related as obstacle focused explorations of human locomotive ability, many movements popular in parkour were used by rock climbers before parkour was developed as a way to get over difficult terrain to the start of route, and I suspect seeing more parkour has opened up new ways to look at challenges for some rock climbers. Dynamic jumping, balancing and brachiation based challenges have been around in the rock climbing community for a long time check out Johnny Dawes work for examples from the preparkour era, but the Stuntwerk rock gym in germany was clearly influenced by the growth of parkour and the challenges showcased in this video are beautiful examples of where parkour and rock climbing blend into each other.

More so then most rock climbing this really resembles what I am starting to reconstruct as the human arboreal movement capacity which isn’t just straight vertical climbing as is often seen in rock climbing but is blend of dynamic jumps, brachiations, quadrupedal movements, balancing, and vertical climbing. More on that another day.

For now enjoy this awesome video and what it tells us about being a human mover. And be inspired to look for some parkourish bouldering challenges or some boulderish parkour challenges.

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