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EMP Podcast 12
Inspiration 12/4/14 go play in the winter
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Inspiration 12/4/14 go play in the winter

Seattle had an unusual early snowfall and cold snap starting this last saturday, we got a couple inches of snow and had snow on the ground for 4 days, high temperatures were in the high 20s or low 30s not especially wintery for many places but quite abnormal for seattle.
Many of course saw that as an excuse to stay outside, if they did they missed out on a rare type of beauty and an invigorating environment for movement.
I trained every day during the cold snap playing with tree climbing, running, groundflow and jumps between tree limbs. I had to avoid certain trees because the cold had made their limbs brittle, but I found plenty to do, and there is little more invigorating then the feeling of snow cooled are on your cheeks while running through winters beauty.

Below are some of the photos I took after one of my training sessions.

You may have to adjust your training goals when the weather changes, but the unique beauty is unlocked to, go explore it.

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