Program Goals

With this program our goals are to develop you into a more skilled, adaptable and resilient athlete who can flow well on the ground or through the natural world and understands how to roughhouse well, for fun and to become the best version of yourself.

You will learn our basic hard and soft flow sequences and develop more skill in free form flow You will learn the basic swinging, vaulting, jumping and climbing skills of natural parkour and beginning developing flow, precision, and power in these skills.

The Evolve Move Play Paradigm

Why do you we train? For most of us there is no direct necessity for movement capacity we can get by in life without being able to run fast, jump high, hit hard or solve complex movement problems. So why train?

Fundamentally everyone who trains, does so because it does something to us we value, something we find meaningful, as they say in mountaineering, it is not what the man does to the mountain it’s what the mountain does to the man.

We train to experience what our body can be, to experience moments of epic adventure to have lives that are more meaningful.

We can see our training as a hero’s journey.

The fundamental aim in training as a generalist is the development of the most heroic version of the self.

We train to confront the dragon of life’s potential chaos, we train to be more capable of solving any physical problem and through that to improve at solving all the possible problems life can throw at us. And we train for the meaning we gain from this process.

We train to embody the heroic archetype because the heroic archetype is the story that a human evolved to embody, because when we stand in perfect balance between order and chaos, our life is creative, we are in flow and nothing can teach us to find this balance like physical practice.

In our training we focus on the the most relevant and generalizable physical capacities. We can not train for everything so we need to train for the most real things and the things that help us overcome the most challenges.

The human body evolved to solve specific types of problems. Those things that have been around with us for the longest time are what our body and mind evolved for.

We are creatures birthed from the tree’s it is from them we derived our binocular vision, our grasping hands, even our mobile shoulder, upright torso, and capacity for bipedalism.

With the heritage of the tree’s we were preadapted to become throwers capable of bringing down great beast with spears, acrobats capable of being tossed through air by bison and rhino’s and surviving. We are hunters, warriors, gatherers and makers. We thrive when we can practice the skills that made us human.

The brain that could solve the trees, that could hunt the great animals, could track them and throw into the future to where they would be when the ran, that brain gave rise to thought and speech.

We are creatures shaped by 100’s of millions of years of dominance battles and then roughhousing our capacity for social organization, for altruism, for empathy and theory of mind was forged in part through the crucible of learning to play well together.

We think of ourselves as minds inside bodies, but a mind is an outgrowth of the body, humans can think unlike any other animal because of the way we evolved to move, because we evolved to be the most playful behaviorally flexible animals of all. The behavioral flexibility that came from an arboreal primate ancestors amplified by evolving into a the worlds foremost predator and ultimate generalist made us who we are. .

Moveo Ergo Sum. I move therefore I am.


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