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EMP Podcast 108
Strength Training for Parkour with Storror’s Callum Powell | EMP Podcast 108
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Strength Training for Parkour with Storror’s Callum Powell | EMP Podcast 108


Episode Breakdown

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Welcome back to the EMP Podcast! 

Today we’ve got another one of the Storror boys, Callum Powell, joining us to take a deep dive into the subject of strength training for parkour. We’ll talk about injury rehab, the role of weight training, exercise selection for force production, and how Callum has been approaching his own training.

We’ll also take a look at the current state of parkour, what’s improving, what’s blowing our minds, and what needs to be fixed for the sport to really take off? 


00:00 – Intro/Catching Up & Injury Rehab
14:14 – Finding Balance
24:51 – Ad: Natural Movement Online Courses
28:02 – Ancillary Training
32:17 – A Typical Training Week
40:59- Jump Specific Training & Force Production
53:07 – Deadlifts, Injury Prevention & Tracking Progress
01:05:24 – Training Frequency & Intensity
01:10:38 – Balancing Personal Goals with Content Production
01:14:18 – Body Recomp & Weight Managemen
01:21:37 – The State of Parkour
01:31:52 – Chase Tag & Aliveness in Parkour
01:36:22 – The Price of Pushing the Edge
01:48:17 – Coaching and Overcoaching

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