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EMP Podcast 107
Is Rock Climbing Parkour? Storror’s Toby Segar | EMP Podcast 107
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Is Rock Climbing Parkour? Storror’s Toby Segar | EMP Podcast 107


Episode Breakdown


Welcome back to the EMP Podcast!

Today we’ve got the one and only Toby Segar from @storror joining us for a lovely chat about the early days of parkour and the formation of Storror, as well as rock climbing, parkour in nature, and how the two disciplines support, complement, and influence one another.

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Toby Segar & Storror

Show Notes

Links and related podcasts mentioned in this episode:

00:00 – Intro / The Early Days
08:28 – The Start of Storror
16:39 – Training with Teige
23:10 – Ragefroobling, Chase Tag & Aliveness in Parkour
34:30 – Parkour in Nature
55:45 – Rock Climbing & Parkour Competitions
01:14:20 – The Capstone Bridge Ascent & Finding the Hybrid Line
01:20:21 – Bouldering Areas, Czech Tower Jumping & Roped Parkour

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