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How to Solve Problems and Cultivate Wisdom with John Vervaeke: EMP Podcast 25
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How to Solve Problems and Cultivate Wisdom with John Vervaeke: EMP Podcast 25

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As living, thinking creatures, we are constantly faced with problems that must be solved in order to survive and thrive, but have you stopped to think about how do we do it?

In the infinite set of variations on how we can act and interact with the world, how do we decode what information is relevant and zero in on actions that yield the results we desire?

In our second episode with John Vervaeke we are going to spend a good amount of time unpacking the incredible intricacies of decision making and give you a basic framework for understanding how to differentiate between the types of problems you face and the strategies that will lead you towards effectively solving them.

As we’ve covered in many of our podcasts, one of the core issues that we face in movement and in life is the ability to orient to chaos, act in response, then weigh the results of our actions and apply that which we learned to future efforts.

Once we begin to understand the nature of the problems we face and how we can improve our ability to face them, it’s important to structure an ecology of practices around developing our tools of perception and action. Through this process we begin to take an active and empowered role in building ourselves and connecting to the world around us.

We cover this and a lot more ground in this episode, so grab a pen and paper and be sure to join in on the conversation in the comments section below. We want to hear your insights and questions and please remember to like, share, and subscribe! We will surely be having John back on the podcast sometime in the near future as well as tons of other insightful thinkers and movers, so hit that notification button to stay in the loop!

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How to Solve Problems and Cultivate Wisdom with John Vervaeke: EMP Podcast 25

John Vervaeke
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Thanks everyone, and happy moving!

Thanks everyone, and happy moving!

-The EMP Team

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