Kids Classes

Our Evolve Move Play Kids’ Classes provide a unique play-based learning environment for the development of general movement skills, connection to nature, and character cultivation.

At our class your child will climb trees, balance on logs, throw sticks, wrestle, and in doing so develop strength, agility, accuracy, better communication, and strategies for dealing with the bigger challenges of life.

We believe that playing and movement are fundamental to the full education of a human: cognitively, socially, emotionally, as well as physically. It’s our belief that children need to climb trees & leap across gaps to learn how to assess and deal with risk, that they need to engage in rough and tumble play to develop empathy, negotiation, and management of aggression. We believe that children need to spend much more time in nature, playing in the dirt, moving and exploring in the sun and the rain. We believe these fundamental needs are being catastrophically ignored by our current education system and it is our mission to help provide an answer for children, including our own, to meet these vital developmental requirements.

If you share this vision with us and want the same for your children, come join us for our Tuesday afternoon classes at Sandel Park from 3:00 to 4:15pm. 

Seattle Tuesday Kids Classes

KIDS | Tuesdays – 3pm to 4:15pm
LOCATION | Sandel Park, Seattle, Washington


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